The Elves & The Shoemaker

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The Elves & The Shoemaker.
This Fantastic retelling of the Brothers Grimm classic is suitable for young and old, a Christmas holiday reading feast. Illustrated by synthesizing ink drawings with photographs of the most magical shoes on earth, Fluevogs !

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Perfect for readers aged 5 to 155
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C'est Voila! the Large Print Edition Of the World’s Smallest Book. Teeny Ted from Turnip Town combines a science lesson about scanning electron microscopy, with a wild rhyme of victory. The story of Teeny Ted and his victory in the annual turnip contest is designed for young readers and exposes them to advanced physics in a way that is clear and easily understood. The story concludes with the tale of scale, a comprehensive guide to measuring the universe from light years to nanometers.
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Perfect for readers aged 5 years and up.

Brussels Sprouts & Unicorns

Testimonial evidence of Brussels Sprouts and proof of the existence of Unicorns. This illustrated book of rhymes is a whimsical joyride. Placing first in the Alcuin book design competition, ‘Brussels Sprouts & Unicorns’ is currently the most beautiful kids book in Canada.
isbn 978-1-894897-37-2
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Perfect for every reader aged 12 and up.

A Different Kind of Cook Book...

Summary: Uses actual recipe for delicious chicken soup, by Chef Andrey Durbach, as a springboard for whimsical education. This highly entertaining kids book is, simultaneously an instructive guide to excellent cookery, and an advanced read for young minds. Contains chicken rhymes, verbal and visual puns, concludes with appendices, including recipes for matzo balls, tiny dumplings, practical conversions, and a primer regarding the Michelin rating system.
32 pages, Printed in full color. hardcover, with foil stamping on spine and dustjacket.
isbn 978- 1-894897-90-7
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This book is ideal for readers aged 8 to 189.

The Pre-Reader-Thesaurus

Summary: The simplest Library Editions book, for the youngest reading level,‘The Elephant Book’ teaches people to read using simple word and picture association. The seventeen word story conveys every significant emotional state and human relationship, via crisp, clearly entertaining drawings of elephants and colorful rhymes. This story concludes in friendship, followed by a fine print thesaurus, for elders to revisit.
32 pages, Printed in full color. hardcover, with foil stamping on spine, and dustjacket.
isbn 978- 1-894897-35-8
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Perfect pre-reader, enjoyment for all ages.


Summary: This fable uses the circle of life to explain infinity, simultaneously illuminating the mystery of the cat's nine lives. Teaches counting from one to ten, then from ten to a googolplex. Most suitable for boys, and some girls.
32 pages, Printed in color. hardcover, with foil stamping on spine, and dustjacket, isbn 1-894897-34-X
$25 including shipping.
For ages 7 to 175